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7 Top B2B Marketing Blogs You Should Read

One of the things we enjoy the most is connecting with other inspired practitioners of the “craft” of marketing. To shine a spotlight on people we admire, we’ve assembled a list of favorite B2B brands and people who blog. We’ve purposefully included some hidden gems along with some of our favorite thought leaders who are shaping the B2B marketing landscape.

7 Favorite Blog Sites

1. Chief Martec

Scott Brinker, the genius behind this blog, has become a key voice on using marketing technology to elevate marketing.

2. Content Marketing Institute

Joe Pulizzi,the godfather of content marketing, and his crew consistently challenge all of us to be the best content marketers we can be.

3. Copyblogger

By writers for writers in a digital age. Engaging, easy to read, and eminently shareable.

4. Integrate

Scott Vaughan and David Crane are on a mission to help B2B marketers master the art and science of demand marketing.

5. Marketing Insider Group

Michael Brenner has assembled a team of great contributors to help B2C and B2B marketers plan, develop and execute content marketing strategy. He brings his experience at NewsCred and SAP to give real-world advice for content marketers everywhere.

6. Marketo

A top watering hole for the serious B2B marketer. Top notch content from experienced pros ranges marketing automation to email marketing.

7. Vision Edge Marketing

Sage tips on practically tackling problems that marketers face in transforming businesses today.


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