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How to Measure Employee Performance

Productive employees are the lifeblood of every business, but how do you assess their performance levels? Do they understand your goals and expectations? Are they meeting their personal objectives?

Every company should continually monitor and evaluate their employees; here are some easy ways to quickly gauge performance and ensure your organization is on the right track:

1.Closely monitor outcomes.

Ultimately, your main focus is the outcome provided by each employee.Are they getting their project done on time?Are they providing high-quality work?

While quantity is important, quality is just as important as quantity. What good does it do your business if one employee can pump out 20 reports in an hour, but they all have huge mistakes? It just useless.

Monitor the outcomes of each employee to see who appears to be spending the majority of their time researching and perfecting their final products.

2.Ask for daily updates.

This can be tricky as not all employees will be completely honest, but it does encourage higher productivity when employees know they will be confronted about their success for the day.Ask each employee for a daily or weekly report, noting what they completed and why there are still tasks remaining, if applicable.

3.Carry out random checks:

Depending on the nature of your business consider implementing random checks against quality standards. While your employees may be aware of this policy, the random nature of the checks can motivate staff to put in a consistent performance.


Employees who regularly arrive late for work or are frequently absent from the office are unlikely to be meeting their performance objectives. The underlying issue needs to be addressed here Issues with punctuality mean an employee is not doing their job to their full potential and a negative attitude may also be affecting their colleagues.


So this are some important factors you must consider in case of tracking employees performance.


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