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Ways of Online marketing

online marketing is very essential part of any business and everybody get large platform of online marketing that you can use a online digital channels for marketing. Billions of people daily surfing internet and visit on Millions of websites. Internet is channels that help you to create brand awareness of your company or service or product. People are connecting you as only form internet channels. You would choose a right platform that you can promote your business or product.

Online marketing offers you many platforms for marketing that saves time and money. This concept is very vast to understand. Only if you are marketing your product you need a platform that helps to reach to people. Online marketing has expand when it’s submissive as a static image that pops up at the top of the website

Above figure shows you that what ways you use to marketing of your product.

  • SEO : SEO involves optimizing website content to target your audience better, increase brand visibility and increase website hits. SEO is more important for maintain your web page and running it into Google rank. SEO is referred as Search Engine Optimization. This technique is more helpful to promote your marketing strategy. On web page it is more important to maintain data on your web page. In marketing online internet marketing is grow fast.

  • Social media: Today’s modern business need social marketing for business. In social marketing there are different network that you use for business and its lead to other businesses. Now a day’s competitions are difficult. So we need strategy to grow a business. Develop new strategies to compete with other companies. So we are using intenet marketing for lead generation business.

• Types of social marketing:

1.Face book


3. Instagram

4. Twitter

5. Skype

  • Email : E-marketing is a method to sent mails to other business and grows marketing strategy. Email marketing is good for your business. This is an extremely effective technique to communicate fast and send official massages to other business companies. An e-mail is a nothing but a set of words that compose in a format of message. This is important for any organization and it is help to develop a marketing strategy. All big organizations need of email marketing to develop his strategy and compete with other competitors is business field.

  • Paid marketing: Paid marketing is a technique that you use for better result that organic marketing. When you promote your business or product you should pay an amount to run a marketing campaign. Paid marketing getting result very fast. You can reach to people get know them what is your product or service? Most of the time social media paid marketing campaigns help you to create a brand awareness.


The best way to evaluate the importance of applying internet marketing is to realize the importance of online marketing in everyday life of people who are likely to become your customers.


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