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Why some marketing agencies failed to generate lead using blogging

Blogging is one of the most effective technique in 2018 to generate a lead for your business. Most of the marketing agencies lost their leads and clients because of blogs posted by them. Most of the marketer post their blog on many sites to convert reader into buyers but the fact is many of the marketers failed to initialize their strategics to write a interesting and user readable blog that can convert into a buyer.

Marketers should understand the blogging is effective technique but the mistakes in your blogs are affect on your strategy.When a visitor read a blog then he found some mistakes in your blog. He dose not found the interesting fact in your blog and result is he leave the blog page. Their are many reasons why your not get lead by blogging listed below

1. The main reason Terrible Blog Titles. When you thing a title you thing some unique witty and catchy titles to your blog. When you post a blog the title attract the reader to your blog. Many agencies are post their blogs on blogging or business sites at a time, and user read only a blog that have a catchy attractive title. So you should focus on your title.

2. Second reason is the topic that you choose. Reader read a blog when he find something new and unique in your blog. When reader doesn't find unique he leave the page.

3. Most of the time you forgot to provide a link that redirect to your website. You dose not highlight important words with link.

4. Blog should be 300 to 400 words. Reader are understand the things in blog. Reader get board when he read long blogs because it take to much time

5. Last thing you write a blog in your words. write a blog with mentality of the audience means you should know which type of audience are read a blog.

Above reasons responsible for failed to generate a lead by blogging.


The best prospects are open to being influenced. They’re looking to learn more. Great lead generation gets you the opportunity to connect with prospects earlier in their journey.


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